Transportation Vehicles

Manufacturing by Cutting-Edge Machines
Certified for Contact with Food
No Bacterial Reproduction
Tanks Are Manufactured as a Single Piece
İmpact Resistant
Recyclable Friendly
Product CodeLengthWidthProduct Height
KLP-001231 cm99 cm79 cm
KLP-00277 cm60 cm61 cm
KLP-003260 cm100 cm80 cm
KLP-004247 cm50 cm119 cm
KLP-005231 cm99 cm149 cm
KLP-006252 cm173 cm164 cm
KLP-00779 cm61 cm61 cm
KLP-008207 cm111 cm80 cm
KLP-009294 cm96 cm59 cm
KLP-012237 cm99 cm110 cm
KLP-013219 cm162 cm101 cm
KLP-014282 cm105 cm99 cm
KLP-017200 cm120 cm88 cm
KLP-018199 cm60 cm101 cm
KLP-019131 cm131 cm90 cm
KLP-02189 cm57 cm51 cm
KLP-023252 cm62 cm105 cm
KLP-024103 cm62 cm81 cm
KLP-025202 cm72 cm70 cm
KLP-026200 cm80 cm57 cm
KLP-027105 cm94 cm99 cm
KLP-028320 cm72 cm135 cm
KLP-029357 cm52 cm144 cm
KLP-03098 cm59 cm79 cm
KLP-031109 cm71 cm68 cm
KLP-032154 cm111 cm64 cm
KLP-033148 cm52 cm67 cm
KLP-034150 cm51 cm64 cm
KLP-040149 cm80 cm80 cm
KLP-041145 cm96 cm99 cm
KLP-042120 cm91 cm95 cm
KLP-04670 cm61 cm89 cm
KLP-048108 cm70 cm82 cm
KLP-049114 cm100 cm85 cm
KLP-05187 cm64 cm67 cm
KLP-05298 cm82 cm67 cm
KLP-054108 cm60 cm80 cm
KLP-056200 cm82 cm64 cm
KLP-057170 cm90 cm59 cm
KLP-062150 cm94 cm78 cm
KLP-06669 cm63 cm61 cm
KLP-069115 cm79 cm94 cm
KLP-070106 cm57 cm85 cm
KLP-072125 cm85 cm100 cm
KLP-073285 cm150 cm81 cm
KLP-074275 cm82 cm86 cm
KLP-076106 cm89 cm83 cm
KLP-077106 cm98 cm119 cm
KLP-078101 cm51 cm84 cm
KLP-079179 cm56 cm80 cm
KLP-080121 cm45 cm93 cm

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