Conic Tanks and Silos

It is used for the storage of many products such as textiles, chemicals, food and different raw materials. Due to its conical structure; allows the product stored to be emptied completely. It has metal legs and is suitable for upright use.



Conical tank model with a mixer is placed in a metal frame body. It can be with and without stairs for the purpose of use. Due to its conical structure, it allows the product to be completely discharged. It is used in the manufacture of products such as paints and detergents.


Transportation Tanks

These are the warehouses used for the transportation of powder materials such as paint, chemistry, soap, detergent, acidic mixtures, lime. It can also be used as an on-vehicle transport storage.


Underground Tanks

Underground tanks have liquid storage volume in different m³. The biggest difference from other warehouses is their wall thickness and strength points. It is used in areas such as water, waste water and septic tanks.

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