Water Tanks

Manufactured for various purposes such as yard, garden and agricultural land irrigation, auto/carpet wash, water storage for prefabricated residences and so on, our water tanks come in a variety of sizes and they are extremely robust and resilient. They come with various outputs and accessories.


Food Tanks

They are intended to transport and store liquid. They are used for a great deal of products such as water, milk, vinegar, wine, fruit juice and oil. They are most commonly used in brine industry. They have a certificate to store food.


Chemical Tanks

They are intended to transport and store chemicals. They are highly resistant to acid and used for hydrochloric acid, mineral oil and nitric, sulfuric and caustic agents. They are most commonly used in detergent and treatment industries. Declaring any product to be stored in chemical tanks is crucial. It is imperative to do so to calculate the wall thickness of the store room.


Spraying Tanks

They are intended for pest control. They are indispensable instruments for farmers in yards and lands. They are most commonly used to grow vegetables and fruits. They are equipped with various optional accessories.


Custom-Made Tanks

They are not of mass production but manufactured upon request. Upon requests, they are made by manufacturing molds or welding polyethylene plates.

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