Transportation Tanks

Manufacturing by Cutting-Edge Machines
Certified for Contact with Food
No Bacterial Reproduction
Tanks Are Manufactured as a Single Piece
Smooth Surface
İmpact Resistant
Recyclable Friendly
No Need for Maintenance
Product CodeProduct VolumeStem DiameterProduct HeightCover DiameterTechnical Drawing
D500500 L100 cm86 cm42 cmPDF
D500-A500 L76 cm123 cm38 cmPDF
D750750 L76 cm180 cm38 cmPDF
DK750750 L76 cm186 cm42 cmPDF
D10001000 L100 cm138 cm42 cmPDF
D1000-A1000 L76 cm230 cm38 cmPDF
DK10001000 L113 cm130 cm42 cmPDF
D15001500 L107 cm187 cm42 cmPDF
DK15001500 L120 cm157 cm42 cmPDF
D20002000 L152 cm132 cm38 cmPDF
D2000-A2000 L110 cm226 cm52 cmPDF
D25002500 L155 cm150 cm47 cmPDF
DK25002500 L151 cm165 cm42 cmPDF
DK30003000 L155 cm185 cm42 cmPDF
DK40004000 L170 cm200 cm42 cmPDF
DK50005000 L205 cm173 cm42 cmPDF
D55005500 L188 cm217 cm52 cmPDF
D70007000 L166 cm354 cm47 cmPDF
D74007400 L166 cm361 cm47 cmPDF
D75007500 L200 cm230 cm62 cmPDF
DK75007500 L220 cm230 cm42 cmPDF
D1000010000 L227 cm275 cm62 cmPDF

Product CodeProduct VolumeStem DiameterProduct LenghtProduct HeightCover DiameterTechnical Drawing
Y100100 L42 cm82 cm47 cm16 cmPDF
Y250250 L61 cm94 cm60 cm16 cmPDF
Y500500 L82 cm114 cm78 cm38 cmPDF
Y750750 L86 cm135 cm84 cm38 cmPDF
Y10001000 L91 cm172 cm84 cm32 cmPDF
Y1000-11000 L106 cm153 cm107 cm42 cmPDF
Y22502250 L113 cm225 cm109 cm42 cmPDF
Y30003000 L150 cm238 cm130 cm42 cmPDF
Y46004600 L164 cm260 cm143 cm52 cmPDF
Y50005000 L175 cm238 cm175 cm52 cmPDF
Y55005500 L175 cm238 cm186 cm52 cmPDF
Y-A 48004800 L170 cm230 cm170 cm32 cm
Y-A 75007500 L187 cm298 cm198 cm47 cm
Y-A 90009000 L190 cm343 cm200 cm47 cm

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